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About Vinivia

Vinivia offers an exclusive marketplace that brings top brands and creators together

Immersive collaboration

Vinivia offers an interactive experience in every live stream, including an exclusive marketplace that brings the top brands and creators together.

Revolutionizing ads

Innovative AR technology integrates ads into live streams, helping your brand seamlessly reach your target audience.

Empowering creators

Built for creators, by creators: full content ownership with the most competitive revenue share in the market.

Monetize your content

Brand monetization tools

Live shopping

Live Shopping

  • Quick 1-Click, 1-Buy tap for shoppers during your live streams

  • Seamlessly connect your brand via Shopify

AR ads

AR Ads

  • Increase sales conversions by going LIVE with your AR products.

  • Utilize innovative AR ads created just for you! Ads appear in a creator’s live stream – no physical product is necessary.

  • Unmatched low latency means uninterrupted embedded ads

Creator partnerships

Creator Partnerships

  • Partner with top performing, vetted creators to promote your products on their live streams for enhanced ROI.

  • Creators can create leads for your products with the help of our marketplace.

Brand benefits

Unlock the power of partnership

Access new sales channels

Capture the live market early for greater market share.

Exposure to your target audience

Gain increased visibility and reach thousands of targeted users with Vinivia’s innovative AR ad technology.

Lead Generation

Generate increased sales conversations through Vinivia’s lead generation model.

Revenue potential

Maximize your content’s revenue potential

Brands keep 80% revenue when using these features

Paid & live ads

Live reactions

Subscriptions / Pay-per-View

Keep 100% of revenue when your brand uses these features

Live shopping

Connect to your Shopify store

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