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Unlike other platforms that may impose restrictions on content ownership, our creators retain full ownership of their content.

Multiple monetization methods

Multiple monetization methods

We offer a 80/20 split in favor of creators, the first of its kind! Vinivia provides creators with a variety of monetization options, including subscriptions, paid reactions, paid recorded streams, and live shopping.


Content management

Creators can schedule live streams ahead of time and even open multi-live streams with other creators on the app!

Audience growth

Audience growth

With direct access to engaged users, creators can connect with viewers on a deeper level and build meaningful relationships that transcend the screen.

Latest AR effects
and tools

Latest AR effects and tools

Vinivia offers a whole suite of interactive experiences, including polls, Q&A, and fun and engaging augmented reality experiences that creators can enable in their livestreams.



Creators can support their favorite causes and host fundraising events through their channels.

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Content creation
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Other platforms
Content creation
Manual, unassisted
Limited, up to 55% creator revenue share
Viewing Experience
10-15 second latency, ad interruptions
Content creation
AI-powered content suggestions for an improved content creation experience
Flexible, 80% creator revenue share
Viewing Experience
< 2 second latency, seamless AR ad integration

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