Live Events

A product of the Vinivia Group is a tool for virtual events that entered the product range in August 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It offers interactive live streaming functions and is optimized to manage and organize events completely digitally.

The Highlights

Create corporate
events online
Insight into the target group and customer satisfaction
Create Summits / forums
in minutes
Stream a physical
Virtual expos and
Integrate your
participants in webinars
Time and place-independent learning on digital devices
Individual Workshops and learning contents
FEATURES & functions


Landing page
We offer 3 customizable landing page templates for every event and individual content, preview of the agenda, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors.
Sell your tickets
With us, no other service provider is needed to sell tickets. We manage the complete billing for our users.
As with a „real“ event, you can exchange ideas with participants and discover the agenda. There are also special incentives through gamification and for our sponsors. At the info desk you can find FAQs & further information on the respective event.
We can show live streams as well as pre-recorded content. The interaction with other participants takes place via live chat, polls and Q & As. There are dedicated sponsors or exhibitors per session as well as closed captions.
Up to 10 speakers are on screen at the same time and are supported by screen sharing. So unlimited breakout sessions can be realized at the same time and unlimited numbers of viewers can participate. The interaction with the participants takes place via live chat, polls and Q & As.
„Connect“ requests can be sent to all participants who wish. The search for participants as well as appointment requests takes place directly in the event platform. We also offer a chat including a direct message function and enable you to discover the profiles of other participants.
We provide 1-to-1 video calls, special meet-ups and video roulette for getting to know each other & networking through AI-supported matchmaking. By means like social feed, public chat and lounges, which can be branded, we increase engagement on certain topics.
With us, the exhibitors have flexibility in the design of their presentations. There are 3 different booth sizes and unlimited categories. A special feature is the “Premium Sponsor Badge”.

In addition, there is a content area that can be freely designed using the WYSIWYG editor. This combines direct chatting, lead generation & making appointments and is easier than ever! Company representatives are available for direct networking. With the offer tab you have the chance of a special offer.

We offer our customers a product area for the presentation of their own products including details.
With us, companies can track their current sales and the number of sessions in real time.

on the market

Due to the corona-related, digital shift, the Vinivia Event Manager is experiencing significant growth and is therefore part of a market worth 77 billion. The market value of digital events is expected to increase tenfold in the next few years due to the enormous demand. The event manager is considered to be one of the leading services in this field.

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